For The Love Of Pearls...

Pearls, women, we all love them. They look really beautiful and enchanting and can increase the beauty of the wearer. Just like pearl necklaces and bracelets beautify your neck and your wrist, pearl powder can also beautify your skin. If you are wondering how can pearl powder beautify your skin and how to add them to your beauty routine, then you are in the right place. I have gathered all the information you need so let’s get started!

What is Pearl Powder? Pearl powder is made by boiling real pearls and then crushing them into a fine powder. The pearl powder can be made from fresh or saltwater pearls. This powder then can be added easily into any cosmetic product like cleansers, moisturizers, shampoo, sunscreen, body washes, etc.

History of Using Pearl Powder Before we begin talking about the benefits of pearl powder, I want you all to know that it is not a new discovery. Pearl powder has always been a popular ingredient in skincare routines in various parts of the world. Chinese empress, Wu Zetian, loved to use pearl powder for her skin. For centuries the Chinese have believed that pearl powder has anti-inflammatory properties that relax the skin.

Not to mention, the beauty goddess Cleopatra used it to beautify her skin.

Benefits of Using Pearl Powder Pearl powder has infinite benefits as it contains rich amounts of calcium, amino acids, and trace minerals. The following are the benefits of using pearl powder:

1. Helps Cure Acne If you have acne, then the good news is that it can be cured by using pearl powder. The pearl powder has excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which help to cure acne. Say goodbye to acne by adding pearl powder to your moisturizer or your face wash.

2. Lightens Skin Tone If you have dull skin, then you can lighten it up by using pearl powder. The pearl powder can reduce the tyrosinase activity in the body which helps to lighten the skin tone. If you don’t know what tyrosinase is then it is an enzyme that increases the production of melanin.

3. Heals the Skin The pearl powder can also heal the skin by increasing collagen production in the body. Our skin is almost made of 85% collagen so by increasing collagen production our skin will be free from wrinkles and fine lines as well. If you have open pores, then they can also be reduced by using pearl powder.

4. Controls Oil Production The pearl powder as the name shows is a fine powder and hence it can control the oil production in the skin. The pearl powder absorbs oil and also impurities from the skin. Pearl powder can be added to mud masks or moisturizers to help control oil production.

5. Clears the Skin Pearl powder can help you to achieve clear skin as it helps in treating certain skin conditions like eczema, acne, and freckles.

The above benefits prove that pearl powder is really great for the skin and it can help the skin in so many ways! Try using pearl powder on my recommendation and I can assure you that your skin will thank me. What's my recommendation? Shoot me an email and let's talk about it!!

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