In The Midst Of It All

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Just when so many people thought all hope was gone in 2020, they’re reminded there is still so much to be thankful for. Yes, they may have experienced loss, loneliness or heartache in some form this year. But despite disparity, they’ve made it through to see another day. Overcoming adversity in these trying times has shown people that they are stronger than they thought and have more will power than they believed.

Learning to adapt in this ever-changing pandemic has not been easy, but people continue finding it in themselves and in each other to adjust and make it work. That resilient spirit is what’s going to help people continue moving forward through the rest of this year and beyond. We all have had experiences in uncharted territories these past several months. But what we’re learning now is grooming us to be better individuals in the future, which ultimately leads to better communities.

In this season of Thanksgiving, we should be thankful for the ups and downs of 2020, as difficult as things have been. Had it not been for the challenges brought on by COVID-19, would we have been able to test our limits? And would we have found out that we can surpass those limits? As strenuous as this year has been, we continue reaching new heights in everything we do, things we never thought we could do. Growth can be uncomfortable, but the results are worth it. And for that, we should be encouraged.

Not everyone will see the optimism in this strange era. That’s why it’s up to those who believe brighter days are ahead to help the rest find the light. We are on this journey together towards a healthier, safer nation. Momentum is needed more than ever as people become weary and fatigued on this path. Those who have the energy and strength to uplift others will be the lifeline in the country’s quest for normalcy. What we all can do now is take time to spread kindness to make these uncertain times a little easier. And in the midst of it all, be thankful.

Franque Thompson is an Emmy-nominated journalist based in Seattle, WA.

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