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Turning Your Visual Artistry Into a Business

Both Kehinde Wiley and Michelangelo are visual artists who captured the heart of their society. The arts are important because they can unify communities, improve one’s well-being, and make a social impact. While the arts help build strong communities, those who create paintings or sculptures should be compensated for their efforts. There are three tips to help turn your visual artistry into a business.

Understand your passion and write down the vision you have for your craft. Do you want to display your work in a gallery, teach classes, or create art for a company? There are so many ways to think about your gift in a new way that can create income. You don’t have to only choose one strategy, while you host your work in a gallery you can also pursue passive income streams like licensing and earn royalty income.

The second step to turn your visual artistry into a business is analyzing your finances. How much does it cost to create your art? Take an inventory of your supplies and operating costs, that will help you decide how much to charge for your artwork. Partnering with investors or applying for grants can allow you to start creating your art with little to no money used from your bank account. Popular grant organizations like NY Foundation for the Arts or Harpo Foundation provide thousands of dollars to emerging artists each year. Pricing your pieces accordingly can help you determine how many units you need to sell in order to make a profit or break even.

The third component to make money from your passion is marketing and public relations. It may feel strange to ‘sell’ your artwork, but you will need to attract buyers. You can showcase your painting or sculptures by hosting an event. An in-person event allows you to talk with buyers and share the story being your pieces. However, you can also share your visual artistry online using social media and a website. A brand with a clear vision and execution can entice buyers. Don’t be afraid to share your story with the media and other creatives. Reach out to journalists who cover arts and culture in your area, they can help spread the word about your work.

Artists are critical to our modern society, memorializing moments in history. You should not have to be a starving artist. Your dream of seeing your work at Art Basel can become a reality, these three steps can help you turn your visual artistry into a business.

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