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Updated: Feb 24, 2021

What Does your Nail Shape Say About You?

Each nail shape reveals a great deal about the personality who chooses to flaunt it. Your manicure preferences convey volumes of valuable insight about your true nature, instincts, and behavior traits. You’d actually be surprised to discover how accurate the readings behind your nail shape inclinations can be.

Let’s see what your nail shape has to reveal about your personality:

The Perfect Square If your nails are shaped into a perfect square with sharp edges, you have a disciplined personality and prefer everything to be orderly, neat, and well-organized. You rarely step out of your comfort zone and gravitate more towards conservative ideals.

If you have short nails and narrow nail beds, this is an ideal shape, however, not advised for those with stubby hands. It is an ideal fit for nails that tend to break as this is a highly durable shape and doesn’t come with heavy maintenance rituals. You can flaunt this shape with bold and dark nail hues.

The Squoval A square-like nail shape with softer edges, the Squoval appeals to an ambitious and bold lady boss who knows how to assert herself well. She exudes a ladylike charm with her sophisticated attire, giving her ambitious streak, a bold and confident aplomb. This lady believes in sealing her look with elegant notes of chicness and isn’t drawn towards risky experimentation.

The Squoval offers her a delightful blend of the orderly square with a stylish oval curve. This is a safe choice that looks charming on all finger shapes and is very easy to maintain. Highly recommended for shorter nails.

The Perfectly Round A happy-go-lucky personality, the perfectly round nail space reveals a personality that is endearing and warm. The femme with perfectly round nails lives at her own pace and is a cheerful and bright social butterfly. She is an excellent mediator and jumps right in to diffuse the argument with her sunny disposition. You generally get along well with every personality type.

If you find your fingers somewhat chubby and short, this shape is highly recommended. It features rounded edges with straight sides, which will give your nail beds a wider and longer appearance with a slenderer shape.

The Almond A slender nail shape with an elegant silhouette, the almond shape exudes a kind and sincere personality with a vivid and intensely creative imagination. The almond shape exudes a polite, charming, and courteous nature; however, it also reveals a short-tempered streak with low tolerance towards things the lady deems entirely unacceptable.

When things seem to get out of hand, she steps aside to take a moment to herself, clear her head and get back in the game.

An ideal choice for medium to long nails, the almond shape has a slimming effect that gives the illusion of longer nails. It is extremely flattering but requires a lot of maintenance and pampering.

The Stiletto The stiletto shape appeals to an ambitious and strong lady boss who cannot be deterred from pursuing her goals and combines her craft with passion and dedication. The sleek stiletto nail shape is immensely popular amongst celebrities, and it exudes a sharp and confident aura.

However, this shape requires a lot of maintenance and nail enhancements to maintain its beauty. It is an ideal pick for ladies who desire attention-grabbing nails and are willing to put in the work required to pamper and prim them up.

You see, each nail shape reveals a great deal about the personality that is drawn towards it. After all, our preferences and the styles we flaunt reveal our traits and personality.

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