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Updated: Feb 22, 2021

They Say There's Nothing New Under The Sun. Well, Let's Show Them How YOU Sparkle!

You Are Unique And Your Style Should Reflect That!

Here's To Creating Your Signature Style!

Make shopping and getting dressed each morning easier and more fun by creating a signature style!

Say No To Trends

In the wise words of Yves Saint Laurent, “Fashions fade, style is eternal”. This means that you should invest in trends sparingly, and mostly when accessorizing.

Say Yes To Color

Whether it’s monochrome, a color that complements your skin tone, or your love for patterns, prints, or bold pops of color—work color into your signature wardrobe.

Focus On Fit

Identify the shapes and cuts that make you feel most confident. This might mean accentuating your favorite features or minimizing areas you are self-conscious about.

Know When To Invest

Trends that look good on you will only last a season or two, so that’s not where to spend. With your new signature style, you’ll wear your clothing and accessories for years to come. So, invest in staples, shop trends on discounts, and treat your clothing with care.

Need Help Creating Your Signature Style?

Whether you are looking for a wardrobe refresh, want to mix and match what you already have, or rebranding yourself with a fresh and new signature style—The She Dandy Image Consulting Agency is here to help! Click Here to Book your virtual styling session now!

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